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Smart Surveillance Ishan InfoTech

Ishan Infotech Limited, works on the major three layers of a typical IT landscape. These three layers deliver visibility, control and optimization. In order to add value at the “visibility” layer of IT infrastructure and enhance security, Ishan is engaged in designing, deploying and maintaining IP based surveillance solutions.

Video surveillance systems while providing the basic functionality fall short of providing the level of information required to change the security paradigm from “investigation to preemption”. Automatic visual analysis technologies can move today's video surveillance systems from the investigative to preventive paradigm. Smart Surveillance Systems provide a number of advantages over traditional video surveillance systems. Ishan, attempts to address this gap by providing a robust platform for surveillance which can host the tools to enable visual analytics.

Ishan has alignments with major players such as Honeywell, Hikvision and other players.

The Ishan advantage:
Ishan is one of the few players who have indepth understanding about servers, storage and software. These components would assume a major role in the success of any surveillance infrastructure.

Ishan ensures best integration of surveillance infrastructure with the LAN topology as well as data-center equipment.

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