Server & Storage and Security Solutions including virtualization

Server & Storage and Security Solutions including virtualization Ishan InfoTech

Applications are only as good as the hardware platform that they are hosted on. Mission critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, etc do not deliver value if they are hosted on hardware, which is scarce on resources.

Robust infrastructures at times, are not adequate if data back-up and recovery options are not well thought for.

Hence, application understanding, user loads, future scalability, licensing, are just some of the aspects that make up for an effective compute and storage infrastructure.

Ishan Infotech has a dominant presence in the relevant geography and has the following offerings around compute and storage,

  • Design and Deployment of blades, racks and converged appliances for SAP and other applications.
  • Designing solutions on X86, EPIC as well as RISC architectures for critical applications.
  • Data storage and archival solutions
  • Synchronous and asynchronous data replication solutions for DR sites.
  • Server consolidation solutions around VM Ware.
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure from VM Ware.

Ishan positions itself as a brand agnostic player and designs best of breed solutions, based on the customer requirement. The certifications and technology alignments are with IBM, Lenovo, HP, Dell and EMC.

The Ishan Advantage:
Over the last few years, Ishan has provided infrastructure for mission critical applications in financial services and manufacturing companies. Ishan specializes in infrastructure solutions for SAP and SAP HANA and Financial Technologies. These solutions are modular in nature and are built for performance and reliability. Ishan has expertise on HPUX/Itanium. Windows/X86, Linux on IBM Power and AIX on IBM Power platforms and has live customers.

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