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Client Computing Ishan InfoTech

Your organisation employee’s today love to choose their own working styles. They bring their own devices like smartphones, tablets and other devices and are expecting that they get the same environment as their office desk so they can get the work done from wherever they are. Your organisation needs to accommodate this changes to have a mobile and flexible workforce which will benefit the company but also need to balance the employees expectations with the business requirements.

For most organizations desktop computing is evolving to end-user based client computing.

Where does the client computing environment start and end in your organisation. How will a user-centric environment affect your IT infrastructure , security, compliance and governance?

Ishan Experience and expertise in desktop deployment and management into the new client computing environment can help you to answer all above concerns.

For client computing we can offer support in

  • Architecture and deployment
  • Device Policy
  • Identity Management
  • Application Management
  • Security
  • Procurement

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